There are many organisations operating on the M&A market for small- and mid-sized companies. The majority simply provide indirect contacts: they introduce a seller and a buyer to each other, who they then leave to manage alone. However, selling or buying a company is not a simple transaction. For example, it is not comparable to the sale or purchase of a real estate property. It is impossible to value an economic structure (trademark, production tools, commercial system, employees etc.) like an apartment, the size and location of which suffice for this purpose. Neither is the deed of sale of a company merely about filling out a few ready-to-go forms. Likewise, the “handover of the keys” does not finally conclude the transfer of powers between the former owner and the buyer of a company. Both these people often have to work together for several months.
Only mergers and acquisitions consultancies, of which CFK Finance is one, have professional teams capable of providing a company head who wants to sell his company with extensive support over several months.
As mergers and acquisitions consultants, our role is to defend the interests of our client. We help him to determine what he wants: the scope of the sale (shares, assets, goodwill) and the conditions thereof (desired price, the time the client envisages supporting the buyer). These parameters are formalised within the framework of a sell-side assignment which sets out our commitments and our actions over the following months, in addition to our method of payment. Our methodology for putting the seller in touch with potential buyers is also set out therein. In eleven years, CFK Finance has acquired experience in this field and an address book that is unrivalled on the French M&A market for small- and mid-sized companies. For example, we maintain ongoing relations with those responsible for the development of large groups, often looking for external growth opportunities.

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