We start work as soon as you entrust us with a sell-side assignment. A member of the CFK Finance team, known as an “Associate”, is appointed according to his knowledge of the business sector of your company. This specialist will be your main contact and will keep you regularly informed of the progress of your project. As a genuine intermediary between CFK and you, he will coordinate and lead both departments of our consultancy: the “Studies” team and the “Transaction Services” team, which are both here to assist you.


The “Studies” team is made up of financial analysts and experts who will submit a valuation and a financial analysis of your company to you.
The members of the “Transaction Services” team will search for potential buyers. Using the information forwarded by our “Studies” department, but also taking into account the competitive advantages of your company and the specific needs of your business activity, they will be better able to define the profile of the buyers (legal entities or natural persons) likely to be interested in your company and present to you a shortlist of candidates.


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