Several dozen buyers – both natural persons and legal entities – have already put their trust in CFK Finance. A desire to change business, a well-developed growth strategy, commercial opportunity…the motivations of these buyers are extremely diverse. Likewise, the companies shortlisted within the framework of these company acquisitions are extremely varied and belong to all business sectors. On each occasion, CFK consultants adapt themselves to the demands of their buyer clients. “Our main advantage in quickly finding a company to buy is our network of contacts,” reveals Eric Pincemin, CFK partner. “Every week, our fifteen business managers travel the length and breadth of France and meet on average 45 company heads. All these contacts are priceless and are recorded in our database. This is how a few months ago, I brought together a buyer and a company I’d met four years before!” At CFK, the process of bringing a buyer and a seller into contact follows an extremely precise methodology. Once identified, the shortlisted company is approached by a consultant. If both parties are interested, they sign confidentiality agreements. It is only at this stage that their respective names are revealed to each other. If the process continues, a CFK analyst visits the seller to conduct a financial healthcheck of his company. If he so wishes, the buyer may also come and visit this company, one evening or one Sunday. After several meetings, a final meeting with the lawyers, accountants and bankers of both parties is usually enough to seal the partnership. The whole process takes between six and twelve months.

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