Interview with Isabelle de Maistre – COTEMA – A LA PLAGE – Client Testimony

Interview with Ludovic Coralie – – Client Testimony

Interview with Christian Tissot – ALARMELEC – Client Testimony

Interview with Guy de Valance – Mergers and Acquisitions Director – Banque PALATINE

Interview with Brigitte Richard – Banking Advisor – Banque PALATINE

Interview with Eric Gaillat – Associate Director – ALTO INVEST

Interview with Emmanuel Ravut – Lawyer – BAYET & Associés

Interview with Jean-Paul Pappeix – Managing Director – BDO France

Interview with Jean-Luc Deback – Chairman – ALTHERA Capital

Interview with Christian Douesnard – Business Manager – Partner – Selling a company: what issues do you raise during the first meeting with your future client?

Interview with Bernard Petraman – Business Manager – Partner – What do you do?

Interview with Eric Pincemin – Business Manager – Partner – Buying a company: what is a sell-side assignment?

Interview with Jean Jacques Faurens – Associate – Partner – What is a raising of funds?

Interview with Mr Arnaud Langlais – DS Avocats – Barrister – Mergers and acquisitions specialist – Presentation of the DS Avocats law firm

Interview de Jean Jacques Faurens – Chargé de Rapprochement – Associé – Le Business Plan : est ce un document indispensable pour lever des capitaux ?

Interview with Luc Tournaire – Financial Expert – What does a Financial Expert do?

Interview with Arnaud Chenier – Financial Analyst – What are the different valuation methods?

Interview with Arnaud Chenier – Financial Analyst – Is a company valuation essential?

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