The first quarter of 2008 open to trade and service.
Range synergy + geographical complementarity.
Thematic distribution & related services in agricultural equipment and motorised gardening equipment.
MAC (Machines Agricoles du Centre) is ideally situated (Cosne-sur-Loire – 58). So, its trading area is distributed in south Nièvre and partially the two neighbouring regions for both the sale of equipment and the provision of related services.
The AGRO SERVICE 2000 group (with several sites) managed by Denis Moisand is continuing its policy of development and its regular acquisitions in the motorised gardening equipment sector and the distribution of para-agricultural equipment.
The AGRO SERVICE 2000 group bought MAC (SARL) (established 1976) on 29th February 2008. So, this latest acquisition will enable the buyer to establish an even more defined national territory network while optimising its offer and its network.
Seller’s advisor: CFK Finance by Daniel Delamard – Transaction Director;
Bernard Petraman – Business manager.


Successful refocusing.
Fluids/hydraulic systems industry and applications.
The DESCOURS & CABAUT group, via its subsidiary, BFC AUTOMATISME, removes another “skilled labour” activity from its scope of operations and refocuses a little more on technical trade, its original business activity.
In fact, TECFLUX designs, builds and maintains hydraulic installations and plans. Based in Creusot, at the epicentre of a dense industrial centre (mechanics, petrochemicals, agrochemicals etc.), it has an expert labour force that knows how to adapt to the needs of its clients – key accounts, particularly with regard to maintenance of equipment and production tools.
This did not escape the notice of the FLUIDAP group managed by Damien Mathieu which CFK Finance successfully interested in this sale project from the very first months of its assignment, as well as several other potential buyers.
The transaction was finalised on 14th March (acquisition by FLUIDAP of 100% of the capital of TECFLUX) with continued employment for a few more years for Jean-Luc Montchanin, one of its founders and historic shareholders.
On 14th March 2008 the FLUIDAP group bought TECFLUX (established 1991) – subsidiary of BFC Automatismes.
Seller’s advisor: CFK Finance by Daniel Delamard – Transaction Director;
Jean-Philippe Mantel –


Acquisition of shares in the Construction and Public Works temporary work market in Paris.
Business services – temporary work/specialised temporary work.
Since the start of its activities in temporary work, the Anjou-based company,BATIMENT INTÉRIM, has focussed on the Ile-de-France market for the development of its business activity. On 31st March it sold its two structural works/metal construction and technical finishing work agencies to AURA PARIS NORD – (a company progressing well in the specialised temporary work sector).
From now on these businesses are integrated in the Group via the Aura job platform, a recognised national brand, employing a multidisciplinary team of, on average, 1,500 temporary workers and employees.
On 31st March 2008, AURA PARIS NORD (Aura Financial Holding Company) bought the Construction and Public Works temporary work company BATIMENT INTÉRIM(established 1995).
Seller’s advisor: CFK Finance by Daniel Delamard – Transaction Director.


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