The LBI acquisition of PGA was a great success for Mr Jérôme Bonamy. Jean-Jacques Faurens, Partner at CFK Finance, has just organised the sale of PGA, manufacturer of modular buildings made of prefabricated concrete for the use of landscape gardening, to a natural person buyer, Jérôme Bonamy, supported by Naxicap Partners.


Eager to sustain the company and its local jobs, the two executives, Yves Prevost and André Ruiz, were searching for a buyer capable of bringing a new development to this company bought 30 years earlier. The solution was found with Jérôme Bonamy, a former executive director in charge of international marketing within large industrial groups.


Within the framework of this acquisition financed by the Naxicap Partners investment fund, the Banque Populaire group and Crédit Agricole Bourgogne, André Ruiz remains onboard as Production Manager alongside the buyer.


Sellers’ advisors:
All of the negotiation phases up to closing were coordinated by Jean-Jacques Faurens, Partner at CFK Finance, supported by Mr Philippe du Chalard, the sellers’ legal advisor.

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