The benefit of valuation:

Every company is unique and CFK Finance offers personalised valuation studies. The approach to valuing a young company with strong growth potential and a company that has attained a steady momentum, sitting on a comfortable level of equity accumulated over many years, cannot be the same.

Prior to any valuation, CFK Finance therefore conducts a thorough financial analysisto determine where your company creates value, what its strengths are but also its weaknesses before replacing it in its immediate competitive context.

From this analysis, we work out the best approaches to reach the fairest price.

In terms of value, CFK Finance provides you with guarantees that few other companies can combine:


Why us?

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  • Analysis



In a sale project, the objective valuation of shares is essential. Our very pragmatic approach – and thereby different from accounting or insurance values approaches – will provide you with very precise information on the optimal conditions for the performance of your assets.

Valuation methods:

According to the profile of the company and essential aspects that characterise it through its financial analysis, we use very different methods while placing a particular emphasis on the study of intangible capital:


Mixed methods

From the accounting status, we proceed with:
the revaluation of the company’s assets (brand valuation, intangible assets, goodwill and intangible capital – as specified above, production equipment, inventory, accounts receivable) to reflect their economic value as accurately as possible;

the inclusion of elements that are not included in the accounts (revaluation of property funded by financial lease, financial commitments given and received) and which, nevertheless, have an economic value;

the reclassification of expenses that are not essential to the operation and which represent significant savings in order to reflect the immediate profitability potential of the structure.
The entire value of this work lies in the relevance of the revaluations adopted to express as closely as possible the economic and non-accounting value of your company. These methods are recommended to approximate the value of companies that have attained a steady momentum on a mature market.


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