Some mergers and acquisitions consultancies have decided to specialise in one business sector, such as agri-food for example. Some individuals also claim they are capable of acting as intermediaries in this field or that field. Unfortunately, they rarely have the resources (financial, human) or the tools required to succeed in such an operation.


At CFK Finance, the executives have decided differently: to unite and bring together team members with strong sector-specific skills within the same structure; team members who form a team and share their knowledge. This team, primarily made up of partners, applies its talents across all business sectors. As a result, we have a much larger contact network than a specialist.


This means that, at CFK, we have good reflexes which enable us to avoid the pitfalls that risk scuppering a sale. We know perfectly well how to secure a sale.
We can submit your project to a whole host of contacts: to a company in the same sector, or to a natural person, but also to a company that wants to diversify, or even to an investor


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