Perceptiveness and common sense often enable you to make a good choice: past performance, stability of the team, references etc.


Choosing a mergers and acquisitions consultancy is an important step that, in part, pledges the fortunes of a company, its employees and its executives. It is normal to want to meet with several of them before settling on one. How do you select them?


Our consultancy, CFK Finance, has been in business for eleven years. Few of our counterparts benefit from such experience.


There’s no secret: consultancies that have stood the test of time all have high levels of equity which guarantee their sustainability, use developed methodologies to avoid the main pitfalls of a transaction and have recourse to sophisticated databases of contacts which speed up the process of looking for a suitable buyer.


“Yes, but how can I find out how long a consultancy has been in business and what from resources they benefit?”, I hear you ask. Nothing could be simpler: today, three or four keywords typed into a search engine on the internet is all it takes to find out reams of information about almost any consultancy. In just a few clicks, a list of managers at the consultancy, its references, articles that the trade press have written about it, distinctions that the profession has awarded it, etc. are displayed.


Three or four names of consultancies are thereby singled out very quickly. The simplest approach is then to ask to meet with a team member at the consultancy’s registered office. Unlike us, very few of our counterparts possess or propose adapted yet necessary infrastructures to establish a transaction service, in particular for obvious reasons of confidentiality between client and future buyer and the parties’ consultants. These meetings are decisive for both parties. At CFK, we take pride in ensuring that they are conducted in the best conditions, i.e. we prepare and lead the negotiation meetings.


Daniel Delamard


Head of Transaction Services – Partner
CFK Finance

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