Paris, 30th June 2006. The company transaction services consultancy, CFK Finance, has concluded the sale of the holding company, HBSA – Agenance – Lavegi.


A promising challenge
By concluding the sale of the holding company, HBSA-Agenance-Lavegi, to the LACHANT Spring 28 group, one of two key players on the industrial spring manufacturing market, CFK Finance has contributed to the development of a promising competitor in this demanding sector.


The business
In 1952, the year when the first plane (the Mystère II) broke the symbolic sound barrier, Lavegi was established – a manufacturer of special springs for use in the automobile, aeronautical and electronic industries. Its development will be based on the technical nature and quality of its products enabling it to retain a clientele of key accounts.


The transaction
In April 2005, driven by the necessity to strengthen the equity of the company, indeed to partner it up to a dominant group in the sector to ensure the development of its activities, Claude Bottosso and Alain Souchal, holders of the company rights of the holding company HBSA, entrusted CFK Finance, who accepted it, with a non-exclusive sell-side assignment. During May 2006, the transaction was finalised by Laurent Adrian, Partner/Director, and Jean Philippe Mantel, Business manager.


CFK Finance managed the entire process of this transaction for the sellers: approaching market players, discussions and fine-tuning agreements with the selected partner until the day ownership was transferred. The LACHANT Spring 28 group was supported by Olivier Renault and Fabien Mauvais from the law firm, LAMARTINE Conseil.


Managed by Michel Guillemet, a long-standing associate at the capital investment company, Initiative & Finance, LACHANT Spring 28 confirms through this acquisition the dynamic nature of the group and the willingness of this expert in industrial springs to become the leading large-scale equipment manufacturing partner on this market.


“The participation of the investors, Initiative & Finance and 3i, in the capital of two industrial spring manufacturing companies is indicative of a merging market. This finding influenced the decision of our consultancy to directly approach all of the players in this industry looking for a sell-side assignment and to enter into partnership with the associates of the HBSA holding company, among others.”

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