CFK Finance – Buyers Club
When you join the Buyers Club, you join a network of natural person buyers, establish contacts with financial, legal and accountant partners and also benefit from personalised support for completion of your project.


The CFK Finance team is made up of more than 20 members: financial analysts, business managers, Associates, some of whom are former bankers, company heads, accountants, and graduates from France’s leading academic institutions with outstanding career histories. This team provides the consultancy’s clients with its skills, values, energy and enthusiasm.


Buyers Club member benefits


Being a member of the Buyers Club entitles you to the following services:


On joining the Club:


• A CFK Finance Buyers Club membership card.


• Personalised support from a CFK Finance consultant in outlining and drawing up an acquisition project.


• The provision of a report on the feasibility of the acquisition project including a description of the number of shortlisted companies corresponding to the acquisition project.


During the membership year:


• A priority alert aimed at Club members on any new sell-side assignment corresponding to the search of the member(s), as outlined by their acquisition projects. The priority will last 7 days from the contact made by any means whatsoever by CFK Finance with the member.


• A personalised coaching session for conducting negotiations.


• A right of admission to forums for natural person buyers organised by CFK Finance attended by partners (accountants, lawyers, auditors, banks, investment funds etc.).


• Free invitations to trade shows and conferences in which CFK Finance is participating.


• Should the member identify a target not presented by CFK Finance, he may obtain preferential conditions for support and assistance in negotiations and studies relating to the finalisation of the transaction.


Membership of the CFK Finance Buyers Club


Membership of the CFK Finance Buyers Club is for 12 months.


The annual Club membership fee is €600 +VAT.


For more information contact Ms Claude Dupuis on +33 (0)1 56 26 54 63 or by

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