On the necessity of creating a “real relationship” in a meeting with a natural person buyer.


Today, many executives want to become heads of SME/SMIs and to buy a company.
In order to support company buyers in a professional and efficient manner, CFK Finance prioritises, above everything else, contact and listening.
An understanding of the buyer’s project is necessary from the initial telephone contact.
After that, besides reading the outline of the project of a natural person buyer, knowing how to interpret it is essential. In the meeting, try to understand the person, with no assumptions, and don’t be influenced by external factors.
Knowing how to come together and understand one another is essential.
Consider the human relationship as one of the main criteria for the success of his project.
Step aside from his project and his professional experience; seek out the person and try to work out and understand his real motivations.
Help to formalise his entrepreneurial future.
A relationship cannot be continued or leave a positive memory without these conditions.
It’s difficult to give a framework to a rather intuitive process. I can only advise a few subtleties, a few ideas that came to me in all the meetings conducted within the CFK Finance consultancy.
What is the added value of the Associate in the presentation of a portfolio/seller?
Watching and knowing how to listen, to understand the real project of the individual sitting across from us:
Why does he want to become an entrepreneur?
Is the business sector that he was formerly in the only sector to be considered?
Is he a “developer”?
Does he know the world of SME/SMIs well?
Is his family behind him?
Validating the feasibility of his project:
The necessary match between his investment capacity and the company sought.
Has he anticipated and established an acquisition holding structure?
Is he aware of any acquisition transaction arrangements?
Does he need personalised advice?
Presenting a seller portfolio to an individual buyer:
When presenting a sale portfolio, the Associate must tell the story of the company. Within this structure there is – above all – a team. Among other things, it is therefore necessary to validate the capacity for human understanding between the buyers and the sellers.
Finally, a meeting with an individual buyer must be more than an interview; above all, it’s a meeting on a human level.


Claude Dupuis
CFK Finance

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