Three questions for Mr Guy de Valance, Director of the Banque Palatine mergers and acquisitions team, which has just signed a cooperation agreement with the CFK Finance consultancy.

Can you introduce us to Banque Palatine and its mergers and acquisitions team?

Banque Palatine, a Commercial and Asset management bank, is a subsidiary of Caisse Nationale des Caisses d’Epargne. Its mergers and acquisitions team comprises about a dozen people. We operate essentially on the market of companies valued between 10 and 150 million Euros.
Why have you entered into an agreement with the CFK Finance consultancy? Are you not competitive on the company transfer market?

Not at all: on the contrary, we are complementary. We have a certain number of clients that we are unable to help because their value is outside our remit. CFK Finance has been operating successfully on the 1 to 10 million Euro valuation segment for many years. Through this agreement, we hope to find a quick and efficient solution for some of our clients.
What do you expect in return?

That, naturally, CFK Finance brings us files over 10 million Euros! Above all, we will be happy to welcome CFK Finance clients who have just sold their companies. Our assets teams, in Paris and all over France, will be on hand to help them to outline an investment strategy, taking into account both the concepts of transfer (what do they want to transfer? to whom?) and risk spreading or taxation. Our doors are wide open to them!

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