The most recent transactions completed by CFK Finance illustrate, through facts, the dynamic nature of the consultancy’s teams: business analysis of the company, search for potential buyers and sellers, preparation of the transaction, negotiation, support and conclusion of agreements up to the transfer of ownership and payment of the price stage. A posteriori, contract performance monitoring in the event of random clauses.


In the IT sector, ALPHATEL and GRIMMER Soft have changed hands.


ALPHATEL: Computer engineering, integration of packaged software and management software publishing.


The founders (more than 20 years ago) wanted to reposition their company and find new growth potentials. They were looking for a buyer that would provide them with the necessary support for the development of this new strategy. The right man for the job was not that easy to find and CFK guided its client towards a plan for acquisition by a natural person, a former executive director of a listed service group, through the creation of an acquisition holding company and a BIMBO plan finalised on 24th October: the buyer, Patrick Touati, owns the majority of the rights attached to the capital of the acquisition holding company after the reinvestment made by the sellers. The partners took the time to understand and appreciate one another and want to pursue a development plan together which should bring the turnover of the target company to 5 million Euros.


GRIMMER SOFT: Publisher of statistical analysis software applied to the fields of marketing and agricultural research for key accounts such as L’Oréal, Bayer, Sodexho, UAP, Cégetel etc. Its founder, approaching retirement, wanted to sell all of the capital of this company known for its expertise in calculation software publishing. Of the candidates approached by CFK Finance, once again it was a natural person buyer, Pascal Hebert, former employee at CARTESIS, who was preferred by the seller.


In specialised distribution, CFK Finance concluded the sales of APTN and ORM.


APTN: Within the framework of a long-term sell-side assignment, APTN Equipement Industrie is a company specialised in the distance selling of supplies for industry (supply contracts). The founder, Gilbert Haimmerlain, wanted to take his retirement. Of the dozen buyer-candidates introduced to the sellers by Daniel Delamard, Partner/Director of CFK Finance, it was finally Dominique Thierry, a commercial activity expert, who bought APTN at the end of the selection process.


ORM: CFK Finance also advised the associates at ORM, an over-the-counter distributor of supplies, equipment and small-scale materials for construction finishings, in the sale of their company assets to the Atopia holding company.


A new transaction in the field of graphic arts.


JOANNET Impressions: Daniel Delamard managed a sale finalised on 25th October, barely a few months after the sell-side assignment was signed. JOANNET Impressions – The studio was bought by 3i Services, a production workshop whose executive, Jean-Michel Durville and his team, wanted to conduct an upstream vertical integration of a printing structure and capture new market shares in Ile de France.


The services activities market is not to be outdone with two industrial transactions organised this autumn.


Vinci S.A.: In a sell-side assignment on behalf of the associates of Vinci S.A. Approached by Daniel Delamard, Partner/Director of CFK Finance, the Luxembourg subsidiary of the IMSER group integrated 100% of the capital of Vinci SA, a Paris-based temporary employment company, a specialist in temporary employment particularly known by professionals in the local industrial laundry business and networks of dry-cleaners. The transfer of ownership took place on 15th November.


CNM: In a buy-side assignment on behalf of the IDEX group (turnover of 340 million Euros), specialised in energy management and the maintenance of technical equipment, CFK Finance was responsible for identifying shortlisted companies likely to add to this regional network of experts. Advised by Eric Pincemin, Business manager at CFK Finance, the IDEX group was able to acquire all of the capital of Compagnie Normande de Maintenance from its founder, Michel Lahaye. Based in Seine Maritime, CMN manages some 70 multiannual heating system maintenance contracts for local collectivities (HLM (low-rent housing), schools, hospitals). This target, detected by the Business manager at CFK Finance, addresses the issues of the buyer, IDEX, by positioning this local services group within a dense industrial region through the integration of a highly qualified team of technicians.


OXYGEN Audio: a sale in the field of consumer goods.


OXYGEN Audio: Subsidiary of the holding company, CINECO, OXYGEN Audio is an electronics designer well-known among audiophiles. OXYGEN Audio distributes own-brand “built-in” replacement sound and video equipment for cars. This company, established in 2001, developed extensively and the commercial success achieved by the OXYGEN Audio equipment range quickly surpassed the plans drawn up by the developer Alain Toledano for WCR funding. 3rd largest player in France in its market segment behind the electronic giants Pioneer and Kenwood, the company had to enter into an alliance with a partner within a short timeframe. It was on the initiative of the Paris-based law firm, Conseils Réunis, that Alain Toledano approached CFK Finance to carry out this assignment. Working on this case, Sébastien Cledes, Business manager, and Laurent Adrian, Partner/Director of CFK Finance, found a solution with ADMEA, a specialist in household electrical appliances registered on the Euronext free market. ADMEA’s project was to develop its “own-brand” portfolio and to position itself on an additional distribution channel,  that of specialist mass merchandisers such as Norauto and Eldorauto. The transaction ended in a sale of the goodwill and the rights attached to the ownership of the OXYGEN Audio brand. The founder of OXYGEN Audio, Alain Toledano, will support ADMEA in its marketing plan for products for export.


“This sample of recently concluded transactions is representative of the diversity of the projects that are proposed to us,” emphasises Laurent Adrian, Partner at CFK. “It shows the ability of our teams to provide a solution adapted to each of our clients.”

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